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our step-dad loved to punish mommy if we did anything wrong. he…

our step-dad loved to punish mommy if we did anything wrong. he said that our bad behavior reflected her horrible parenting skills, and how she “raised us wrong.”

This time when we got home from college, mom was strung up in the basement, completely nude. Our step-dad and his friends were all around drinking beer and laughing amongst themselves.

Mom looked pitiful; stung up humiliated, and helpless. We couldn’t believe our eyes.

Our step-father looked over at our horrified faces. “If you two stopped getting in so much trouble at school, I wouldn’t have to do this to your mother.”

With that he started using a whip to slap mommy in her exposed breasts.  His friends all started laughing as mom wiggled and squirmed in an hopeless attempt to protect herself.

His friends all were joking amongst themselves about her big chest, as it bounced around with every hit from the whip.  

Mom started to break down, getting visibly upset, her toes curling with every hit.

We were so embarrassed and ashamed that we caused this to happen.

Suddenly one of our step-dad’s friends noted loudly, “oh my god, look at her pussy! It’s so fucking wet, the dirty slut is loving this!” 

Everyone started laughing as they saw how wet our mother had become. Our step-father walked over to us. “Okay boys, your mothers punishment isn’t over yet, but for the next part you two can’t be down here. You gotta go upstairs.”

Me and my brother went upstairs, but stayed near the door so we could hear.

“alright you dumb cunt, im going to give that wet pussy of yours exactly what it wants”, we heard come from one of our step dad’s friends.

For the rest of the night we heard our mother moaning and grunting as she got punished in ways that we’ll never know.

it was all our fault.

my new wife was trying to win over my son.i proudly watched as…

my new wife was trying to win over my son.

i proudly watched as he didn’t care about the fat cunt’s hand that was working his cock.

All he cared about was breaking the little piggy, until she was reduced into nothing but fat holes for him and I to use as we please.

I couldn’t believe it, but my mom just sat there as my little…

I couldn’t believe it, but my mom just sat there as my little sister cried out for help from her.  Mom caught my little sister masturbating in her bedroom and decided to make her get punished for touching herself.

“if you want to touch yourself like a big girl, you’re going to get fucked like a big girl.”, mom said to her sternly as she lead her downstairs; my sister with no pants on.

To humiliate her further, mom called me down to watch; so i knew what would happen to me if I ever got caught.  

When i got down stairs I saw my step father stroking his long cock in front of my sister, who was weeping and begging my mother for her to make this stop.  I was horrified.  My step dad has always been a little too touchy and grabby with my little sister, and by the looks of how hard his cock was, this was something he’s been wanting for a long time.  I bet him and mom were just waiting to make an excuse to let him fuck her.

My sister’s begs and pleads fell on deaf ears.  My step father’s long cock was now sliding into my little sister right in front of me.  I looked over at my mother, still in shock that she was OK with what was happening.  She was sitting there, her left hand had made it’s way down her pants and her right hand was up her blouse, cupping her left breast.  Judging by how her right hand was moving, it seemed like mom was quite turned on by all of this.

My sister cried and begged my Mom to make him stop, but mom didn’t care. My step dad started fucking her harder and slapped her soft teenage tits forcefully.  “I can tell by how wet your little pussy is, that you’re a dirty little slut.”, my step father said while fucking her. 

“You don’t understand you little whore, your mother wanted me to do this”, he said with a chuckle.  “From now on this is how you’ll be punished.


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