after my new mommy caught me spying on her and daddy having sex,…

after my new mommy caught me spying on her and daddy having sex, she decided to humiliate me.

She had me lay on my back on her bed completely naked. Then to my horror, she called in my big brother whom was already naked and looking quite bashful.

I never had seen my own brother naked before this moment and was shocked at the size of his cock. Jesus I would have never expected that thing on him.

Before I realized what was happening my step mom was slipping out of her pants and straddling my face.

“Put your tongue out.”, she instructed to me. She lowered her pussy to my tongue.

“Now eat.”, she demanded. She placed her left hand on my belly and her right hand started to play with my little clitty. As much as I was embarrassed and hated her for doing this to me, she was starting to make my pussy wet.

I noticed that my older brother was starting to get hard from watching me eat an older lady.

“Ok bradly”, my step mom instructed to my brother. “Don’t just sit and watch, i need you to teach your sister that bad little girls shouldn’t watch other people fuck unless they want to get fucked themselves.” 

Before I could resist, my big brother’s cock was inside of me. I could feel him deep inside me, stretching me out and filling me up in ways that I never felt before in my life.

Between having his big cock pumping me, and having my step mother work my clit I started to tremble and cum.

“Awww I think she likes it, Bradly”, my step mom said with a laugh to my brother.

“Next time we should punish her in a way she won’t like”, he chimed in.