After your step mother saw both you and your brother’s report…

After your step mother saw both you and your brother’s report cards she calculated the overall GPA we both had.  

I had a 3.7 and my brother a 3.9.

At the beginning of the year my step mom said the that brother with the highest GPA would be rewarded. My brother couldn’t believe his eyes when his step mommy had him stand up and pulled his pants down.

She didn’t even hesitate, she started jerking him off immediately. “Who’s my smart little boy who had such a good report card…. you like that? you like when your new mommy strokes your cock for you?”

I was so jealous of my little brother, not only was his cock about four times the size of mine, our new mommy was jerking him off.

Then she shouted a demand at me I couldn’t believe my ears. “I want you on your knees in front of your brother young man”, my step mom shouted at me.

At first i hesitated and she yelled at me again.

This time I listened. “because you took so long to listen to me, now I’m going to make you eat it.”

As my brother approached orgasm, mommy made me sit there with my tongue out.

My brother groaned, and i felt his hot cum land on my tongue, in my mouth,.  My step mom and him laughed at me.

“Better bring up your grades because next year the stakes will be higher, hahahaha”