My new dad called me and my brother down to the basement.  When…

My new dad called me and my brother down to the basement.  When we got down there we couldn’t believe our eyes.  Our mommy was hung upside down, two clamps on her nipples, and a large dildo crammed crudely into her pussy, hooked up to machinery of some kind. Mom was crying.

“What are you doing to our mommy?”, we questioned. 

“Your mommy was a naughty little girl and needs to be punished and humiliated.”

Mom softly weeping, begged our step father to stop.

“Please, please don’t make my children watch this.  I know I was bad, just punish me alone. I don’t want them to see me like this, it’s wrong. You know it’s wrong, just let them go back upstairs.”

My step father grinned at us, “Have you ever seen a grown woman’s vagina before?”, he asked.

We both shook our heads no. “You see dear, this is educational for them”, he sneered.  “Your mommy has a vagina, but’s it’s very loose from all of the penises that she’s had crammed inside her over the years. Why don’t you two get closer to her and get a better look.”

We inched closer and saw mommy’s private parts from only inches away.  “Why don’t you boy’s touch your mommy’s vagina. I know it’s stuffed with that thing, but it’s okay to feel the outside of it.”

Mommy was shaking and sobbing as me and my brother ran our hands all over her vagina.

“Okay that’s enough boys, can you hit the light switch on the wall behind your mother for me?”.

As soon as we did the machine started whirring and mom let out a moan.  “Unghhhhh, oh god, oh god, it’s too fast!!! Stop it… turn it down… let me go.”

“Do you see that boys?”, our step father asked.  “Your mommy is going to have an orgasm in front of you.  I know this may seem like a reward, but after her 10 or 15th one, she’ll be begging for me to turn the machine off.”

“Now I need you boys to take out your little pee-pee’s and piss on your mother’s face.”

We turned and looked at him in horror.  Our mom shouted at him while she was getting pounded. “NO. Please don’t make them do that.  They’ll be traumatized, they won’t ever be able to look at me the same again!!”

“Don’t make me tell you boys twice, you see what I’m doing to your mom right now, I could make it worse for her”, he said to us with a smirk.

We reluctantly pulled our penises out in front of our mom who looked up with shame in her eyes.  

“I’m sorry boys”, she said.  “Don’t feel bad, just make your step father happy. It’s okay, pee on mommy’s face.”

My brother and I both started peeing on mommy. She was sobbing and crying as she was humiliated by her new husband and her children.