My girlfriend loved humiliating me, so she invited my bully over…

My girlfriend loved humiliating me, so she invited my bully over letting me know in advance that be fucking him in front of me.

I initially thought my girlfriend was just going to have me watch her, but when my bully showed up she made me get on my knees and eat her pussy.  She claimed it was to help her get ready for his huge cock, but her pussy was already flowing from the idea of humiliating me like that.

My bully asked what he should do while I was serving her, and she answered. “I want you to fuck my boyfriend up his sissy ass while he eats my cunt.”

I pulled my head up, “WHAT??, ABSOLUTELY NOT!!” She laughed, and my bully did to.  “He’s lying, he’s always wanted this”, my bully said with a grin.

I went to get up and my bully slapped me hard across the face, grabbed me by the hair, and shoved my face back into my girlfriend’s pussy. I yelled out but my shout was muffled by her labia which was nearly all the way around my face.

“Don’t worry you little bitch”, she said, “this will all be over soon!”

I felt a sharp pressure and I knew he was inside me.  He instantly started pumping my ass. It hurt so bad.  I just tried not to cry and continued my service on my girlfriend.

After about 15 minutes passed of me getting fucked by the boy who hurt me at school, my girlfriend stopped me.  “Get the fuck off of him you little sissy, his dick is mine now.”

I went over to the corner and curled up, in pain and humiliated.  My girlfriend pulled off his condom and shoved his big cock, that was just in my ass, into her pussy.

They both looked at me and laughed as they started to fuck.