first your bully oiled up her whole body in front of you and…

first your bully oiled up her whole body in front of you and rubbed her down. he made sure that you saw every square inch of your mother glistening there in your living room.

“look at your mommy”, mom said as she started to bend over in front of you.  “I want you see what mommy has to do to keep you safe at school.”  Your bully started to spank her in front of you.  you felt your tiny cock start to grow hard as her body bounced with every slap to her ass.

Then he made her lay on her side and pull her knees to her chest, exposing her little asshole to you.

“look at your mom’s asshole”, your bully said to you with a smirk, “I want you to go over and fit 3 fingers up it, to get it ready for my big cock.”

You were horrified, and you looked at your mom who was trembling.  “just do it, honey… make him happy.”, she said as she lifted her asscheek up with her hand.  You lubed up your fingers and started to push them inside your own mother.  Your bully laughed as he could see your erection. “Your son is a fucking pervert; look how turned on he is by this.”  Your mom looked at you with disgust in her eyes as you continued to pump her asshole with your fingers.

“Ok, get your fingers out of your mother’s asshole you fucking sicko, and sit in the corner and watch my big cock pump your mom’s ass that you just stretched out for me.”, your bully said with a laugh.

Your bully slid his cock into her, and she shuddered.  Her poor ass probably never had anything that big in it before. She came almost instantly, but your bully continued to fuck her and slap around her big tits in front of you. god you must feel so embarrassed and ashamed.