We all gathered to the living room, where my little sister was…

We all gathered to the living room, where my little sister was laying across my step brothers lap.  My new step mom commanded the room.  

“It has been brought to my attention, that the little girl across my son’s lap is over 18 and has yet to actually become a woman.  It would make our families grow closer and our bond be more real if my son deflowers her, while we all bear witness.  I know this may seem strange to you, but I am sure that this will be for the best in the long run.”

My dad looked shocked and began to protest, but my step mom shot him a look and my dad shut up right away.  We were all too perplexed to speak.  

My step mom began to coach her son, “now lift her little hips up, honey, and pull down her little panties for us.  That’s it, baby, spread out her virgin pussy so we can all see it.”  My little sister started to tremble knowing that her most private area, was now exposed to everyone that she has ever cared about.

“okay dear”, my step mother said addressing her son, “once your cock is ready, I want you to walk over behind her and take her.”  We all gasped as he pulled out his long, hard, 9 inch cock and began to move towards her. 

He pushed the tip of his massive erection against her soft teenage pussy, but stopped. He too looked nervous and afraid about what was going to happen next. 

His mother walked behind him, reached around his waist, and grabbed the base of her own son’s cock helping to keep it hard and straight. He objected, but to no avail.  

“With this, our two families will become one”, she said with a grin. And at that moment she drove her own son’s cock deep into my sister’s tight pussy, not letting go of the base of his shaft.  

My poor sister let out a yell, as her pussy was getting stretched and filled.  She tried to squirm away but her new mommy made sure she couldn’t.  She kept jerking her own son into her pussy.  

The pounding went on for nearly 10 minutes until he finally came deep in her pussy.  His limp dick fell out of her, and his gobs of cum began to run out of her. “who’s my good little boy?” , our step mom jeered at her son.  My sister, humiliated and ashamed went to get up but our new mom made her stay put.  “Stay there and let your siblings and father watch his cum drain out of you. And don’t worry about your little boo boo, your new mommy is going to kiss it and make it better later tonight!”